WPL Pandemic and Reopening Plan

Pandemic Preparedness

Winfield Public Services Return to Work/Library Re-Opening Plan

This plan may change depending on what expert and officials are saying. It is a phased re-opening with levels that allow for WPL to progress or regress through each stage. Final decision rests with the WPL Board of Trustees.


Stage 1 > Stay at home order in place. Other surrounding libraries closed. some staff work in the building according to set schedule for distancing (one person in work area at a time); providing limited reference, assistance with e-book and e-audio access. Use of building is restricted to staff performing critical operations. Online programs and initiatives continue. Book drop is locked.

Stage 2 > Officials and Library Board have authorized a resumption of service. Must have safety materials available for staff. All staff work in the building on rotating schedule, minimizing the number of people in the building at any given time. Collections work caught-up (processing checks/corrections, shelving); circulation updated; files/work transferred back to office work stations; office work routines restored; the return of interlibrary loan books is enabled. Book drop is opened, but limited. Returns are quarantined.

Stage 2 (b) Work begins to plan and train staff for Stage 3. Book deliveries from venders are resumed. Trial runs are conducted for curbside service. Signage ordered, marketing efforts prepared. Policy created. Preparation continues for deployment of Summer Learning Program online and on paper through drop. Paper materials are prepared and packaged using health measures.

Stage 3> Some public services restored OUT OF BUILDING – curb side/ delivery/of library collection materials; limited reference services continue; interlibrary loan services restored after trial curbside period. Staffing is staggered and hours are limited to reduce staff exposures. Programs, events and other initiatives continue to stay online. Summer Learning Program is deployed online and on paper through outside bench drop or through curbside, no parts are returned to the library. Book drop is opened. Returns are quarantined.

Stage 4> LIBRARY OPEN to public with EXTRA PRECAUTIONS and provided adequate public area sanitation supplies are available – LIBRARY OPEN to public and all library services for the general public are provided by appointment on a limited schedule to allow for enhanced cleaning. Social distancing accommodations are in place such as masks for public and staff, moving public seating and computers 6 feet apart, limiting the number of people allowed at one time and limiting computer time to 30 minutes or by appointment so that sanitation can take place between users, and closing the seating areas to reduce sanitation requirements as well as provide a storage area for extra tables and computers.  All materials are returned through the book drop and quarantined. Programs and events remain online.

Stage 5> LIBRARY OPEN to public, business as usual, all library services for the general public are provided as normal and as scheduled.