Check-out Times, Renewals and Fines

Anyone with a library card can check out books, magazines, DVD’s and other items from your library, although some services and programs may be limited to eligible card holders within the service area . If we don’t have the particular item you are looking for, we will be happy to borrow it for you from another library through inter-library loan.

How long is the check out period?

Most items check out for three weeks, but there are a few exceptions. New popular fiction books for adults (audio & paper), magazines and DVDs check out for one week.

Are items renewable?

All items, except DVD’s and new audio books, are renewable if no one is waiting for them. All items, except DVD’s, will automatically renew up to three times. New audiobooks will renew for one week. You can also renew in person, over the phone ( (620) 221-4470 ) or online through your account.

What happens if I my items are late?

Reminder notices are sent a few days before items are due to give you time to finish what you are reading, renew or find that stray book that got stuck behind the couch! There is a one week grace period from fines. So, if you return or renew your book within a week – no fines! If you don’t return or renew your items fines will accrue at 5 cents day, retroactive to the day following your date due. (On the 8th day your fine is .40/item).

If your item becomes two weeks or more overdue your card will be blocked and we will bill you for the overdue items. Returning the item at that time will remove the charge, but an overdue fine will still apply.  If items are not returned the responsible party, (that means you, or if you are a minor – your parents) will be added to the State of Kansas Setoff system for payment.

What if I lose or damage some materials?

You are expected to return materials in good condition within the established loan periods.  Lost charges will be waived on items returned in good condition within six months of the original date due. Refunds will be given for items that are returned in good condition within six months of the original date due.

You may keep damaged items for which full replacement charges have been paid although the library reserves the right to dispose of damaged items within a reasonable time.

Material lost or damaged due to extraordinary events such as a house fire, tornado, or flood will be excused. Billing information will be provided for insurance purposes where applicable. Theft does not exempt the borrower from payment for the loss of library materials.

The library may forgive charges against a customer account in unusual circumstances not covered above.

The library assumes no liability for loss or damage to user’s equipment or injury from use of library owned materials.