Mindful Doodles

Winfield Public Library invites community members to attend “Mindful Doodles,” a neurographic art workshop on Thursday, May 19th at 7:00pm.  This free event is open to the public and will be led by Carlyn Apley, Winfield High School art teacher.

Mindful Doodles“No drawing skills are required for this workshop,” assures Apley.  Neurographic art is more of a process, an art therapy technique that helps people make connections.  “In the workshop we’ll go through the specific algorithm, or steps, to practice this technique.  I use it often in class as a way of helping students relieve stress.  Many people find it meditative or relaxing.”

The technique, first developed in 2015, helps people make connections both physically (by activating connections between brain cells and neurons) and subconsciously.  It has been shown to reduce stress and create a sense of calm; it is often used as a method of self-care.

“The works of art created are all completely individual, just like the people who create them,” says Apley.  “It’s incredible to see.”