Q-PACKS (QUEST PACKS) are fun take home projects, crafts, games, and extras that tie into the library’s summer learning adventure- QUEST 2020. It’s not too late to participate!  

Call 620-221-4470 to arrange curbside pick-up. Get your kids stocked up on great books while you’re at it! 🙂 Free while Supplies Last:

Q-PACK: GAMES! Includes: a deck of cards, dice, a pencil, a booklet of various game instructions, and Yahtzee score sheets.
Q-PACK: WRITE A LETTER!  Includes: paper, a pen, and a stamped envelope.
Q-PACK: TREASURE MAP! Includes a compass, crayons, paper, and instructions on making your own weathered treasure map!
Q-PACK: ORIGAMI! Includes origami instructions and origami paper.
Q-PACK: WEE WONDERS! Early Lit Pack- This pack is for our younger ones- it includes rhymes, a shaker, a colorful scarf, and fun activities that boost early learning and pre-reading skills.

Special thanks to our Friends of the Library and Cox Communications for making these Q-PACKS possible!

Q-Pack GamesQ Pack- Write a Letter!