Coffee & Crime Book Club: The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins

Wednesday, Feb 19th @ 2pm

@ College Hill Coffee

Mystery loves company – and good coffee.  Join us at College Hill Coffee as we discuss suspense, crime and mystery novels, with each offering a different twist and experience.  Join us and enjoy a cup of College Hill Coffee joe on WPL.  Books are available at WPL’s Circulation Desk one month prior to the book club.  

“‘The Moonstone is a page-turner,’ writes Carolyn Heilbrun. ‘It catches one up and unfolds its amazing story through the recountings of its several narrators, all of them enticing and singular.’ Wilkie Collins’s spellbinding tale of romance, theft, and murder inspired a hugely popular genre–the detective mystery. Hinging on the theft of an enormous diamond originally stolen from an Indian shrine, this riveting novel features the innovative Sergeant Cuff, the hilarious house steward Gabriel Betteridge, a lovesick housemaid, and a mysterious band of Indian jugglers.”