Check Out Tabletop Games

For November!

Over the holiday season, the Winfield Public Library is encouraging family and friends to play games!  Put down your electronic devices, turn off the television and head to the library to check out – and take home – a board game.  Beginning in November, WPL will be checking out board games to our patrons ages 10 and up.  Strategic and cooperative games for all ages will be available for a one-week check out period with no renewals.  Patrons can check out one game at a time.  Families and friends of all ages will be able to find a game perfect for after dinner, a weekend or holiday.

Games available include…

Game Age
Pete the Cat & the Missing Cupcakes 3+
Buckaroo 4+
Robot Turtles 4+
Blokus 5+
Outfoxed 5+
LCR 5+
Go Go Gelato 6+
Bananagrams 7+
Battleship 7+
Exploding Kittens 7+
Chess 7+
Scrabble 8+
Gravity Maze 8+
Ticket to Ride 8+
Clue 8+
Apples to Apples Junior 9+
Prime Climb 10+
King of Tokyo 10+
Codenames 10+
Settlers of Catan 10+
Pandemic 10+
Betrayal at House on the Hill 12+
Apples to Apples 12+
Gloom 13+
The Awkward Storyteller 16+

… more to come!

This new initiative is brought to the community by the Friends of the Library.  WPL’s Friends group supports library activities such as the Summer Reading Program and the Discovery exhibits.  For those who believe in literacy programs, love the library and wish to support strong community, membership in the Friends of the Library is a great way to show support.