It is with gratitude that we invite all of the Winfield and surrounding community to come in and enjoy YOUR library. The months of planning, fund-raising, construction, moving back and forth between storage, rearranging, and installing all the finishing touches is now complete!!

We thank you all for your patience, understanding and trust in our efforts as we rebuilt within the walls of the old library and created something that you can be welcomed into, providing a place of learning and growth for all. The facility is now divided into Early Learning, Children’s, Youth, Teen, and Adult areas so that each developmental area can thrive on its own within a symbiotic space.

Come in to explore. Ask questions if you have any. Check out books, spend time on the computers provided or your own, relax and read a magazine or newspaper, enjoy. It is YOUR library, and we are happy to be here to help you.

5.16 Adult seating, south5.16 Newspapers & magazines area5.16 Front desk5.16 Geneology area

5.16 Adult area

5.16 Adult computers

5.16 Children's Tall Couches5.16 Youth reading area5.16 Teen Zone

5.16 Early Childhood area

5.16 Mother & daughter playtime