Renovation Project

WPL Reno

The proposed renovation project positions the Winfield Public Library as the information and community hub in the Winfield area; connecting people, resources, innovation, technology, businesses, ideas, schools and organizations to foster growth, wisdom and collaboration within the community and among its residents.

The library provides services, materials and programming for all ages in Winfield and surrounding communities.  Its current space is not designed for 21st Century needs and uses.

The proposed renovations rethink the existing space to function better for the benefit of all patrons. One of the most visible differences will be in the children’s area with a new Discovery and Early Learning Center with more family-friendly learning spaces, and an area specific and dedicated for teenage patrons. There will be quiet spaces for test taking, “Skype” conferencing and small group meetings, and upgrades to the electrical/mechanical systems to support 21st Century technological needs. A warming kitchen will be added to the large meeting room to improve its functionality for the community, and space overall will be modernized, efficient and user-friendly for all-aged patrons of today and tomorrow.

Project Snapshot

  •  The 21st Century Library Renovation Project updates electrical distribution equipment, adding new receptacles and circuits throughout the building to accommodate growing use of new technologies.
  • A small conference room will be added for test-taking, conferencing & small group meetings.
  • Young adults will have their own space with the technology & resources they need for study and skill development.
  • A Discovery Center for children with a space for hands-on activities for learning & exploring.
  • Outdated and insufficient lighting is replaced with newer, more efficient lighting. The addition of  windows on the north and south adds natural light.
  • The addition of an exit from the meeting room meets code requirements. A separate HVAC unit provides greater comfort & efficiency.
  •  A new family bathroom  and the remodel of the staff restroom will meet facility and ADA requirements.
  •  Expansion of front entry with north & south doors prevents children from running into the drive.
  •  Alignment of a new corridor improves visibility from front desk for added oversight  and safety.
  • New carpet, ceiling tiles and other changes improve  acoustics throughout.

How will this project be funded?  

The total cost of the renovation project is $1.5 million dollars. It will be funded through the revenue from a city sales tax, library reserves, and a capital campaign.

$900,000             City Sales Tax (.40 %)

Sales Tax – Renovation Information   FAQ

.40 % sales tax for 7 years. $900,000 for renovation project, $4.1 million for street repair.

People will pay 40 cents on $100.00 for both library & street repair, of that 40 cents, less than 8 cents will go toward the library project with more than 32 cents going toward street repair.

If you spend $100 wk, $4.16/year will go toward the library renovation project. $16.64 toward street repair.

 Over the life of the tax (7 years)  you would pay $29.12 for the  renovation project and  $116.48 for street repair.


$300,000              Library Reserves

$100,000              Winfield Economic Development

$200,000              Fundraising Campaign